Saturday, April 28, 2012

MIXTUREcast #8: Sunday Brunch

It's time for Episode 8 of MIXTUREcast. This time our intrepid musicians rhetorically ask State Bank if they want to sponsor the cd release party - and Joey YET AGAIN tempts fate by invoking the FDA.

In the midst of the silliness are some recollections of writing and recording Sunday Brunch - the first tune the guys wrote together. It has a peaceful Sunday Afternoon kind of vibe.

Joey thinks the A section sounds like Lee Ritenour or Pat Metheny, and the B section like Yellowjackets. What do you think? LEAVE A COMMENT!

The guys also veer off-topic [yet again] to discuss Oceanside, Joey's EP from a  few years ago which featured a puccoloist named Francesco Bonifazi

The album is named MIXTURE because it's a blending of styles AND sources. - yes, someone asked!

....oh, and a quick apology to Patty Williams, who really DOES have good taste!

....and Have YOU met the jerk who makes things difficult for everybody?

Joey Stuckey

Tom Rule

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