Thursday, May 24, 2012

MIXTUREcast #10: We'll See

Episode 10 of MIXTUREcast covers the first track on the new album - We’ll See. This song has a touch of John McLaughlin guitar and even some Joey DeFrancesco-style B3 playing [thanks to the Roland RD700-sx and Native Instruments Kore B4 softsynth].

This episode also features a special audio guest [or a poltergeist, depending on your point of view], and Tom once again has to translate some “Joey audio engineer speak” into plain English.

We’ll See has a great swing feel that would be excellent for a college or high school jazz combo to pick up. The charts will be available over at in June 2012 -

There’s even some advice for music students around the 8 minute mark - PAY ATTENTION!

....and along with some gratuitous HeeHaw and Dominican Republic references, there’s mention made of an upcoming contest where you can win some free autographed stuff.

Keep an eye on this space for the news about
the CD release party, summer 2012!

As usual, for more info:

Joey Stuckey

@jstuckeymusic on Twitter - where we recorded this album!

Tom Rule!/Tom_Rule  on Twitter - music lesson over Skype!

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