Thursday, January 10, 2013

Another MIXTURE review: This one from "This is Book's Music"

The reviews just keep coming in for MIXTURE.
For a bit of luxurious jazz in your late nights or early morning, you may want to check out the latest album from guitarist Joey Stuckey.
Mixture (Senate records) is a 10-track collection of laid back jazz, smooth if you will but not a cheesy smooth. He does take time to get into a bebop vibe with the appropriately titled “Too Pooped To Bop”, but he makes a great effort in showing off his skills on the guitar.
Sunday Brunch” will definitely take you to the shores of Rio and make you wish you had a coffee, tea, or some kind of liquid refreshment...while “Crooked” seems to be Stuckey getting comfortable in the style of music he loves the most, and thus ends the album in a fine fashion.

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"Smooth but not cheesy smooth" - I just had to laugh! We saved the cheese factor for the MIXTUREcast videos.

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