Saturday, April 28, 2012

MIXTUREcast #8: Sunday Brunch

It's time for Episode 8 of MIXTUREcast. This time our intrepid musicians rhetorically ask State Bank if they want to sponsor the cd release party - and Joey YET AGAIN tempts fate by invoking the FDA.

In the midst of the silliness are some recollections of writing and recording Sunday Brunch - the first tune the guys wrote together. It has a peaceful Sunday Afternoon kind of vibe.

Joey thinks the A section sounds like Lee Ritenour or Pat Metheny, and the B section like Yellowjackets. What do you think? LEAVE A COMMENT!

The guys also veer off-topic [yet again] to discuss Oceanside, Joey's EP from a  few years ago which featured a puccoloist named Francesco Bonifazi

The album is named MIXTURE because it's a blending of styles AND sources. - yes, someone asked!

....oh, and a quick apology to Patty Williams, who really DOES have good taste!

....and Have YOU met the jerk who makes things difficult for everybody?

Joey Stuckey

Tom Rule

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

MIXTUREcast #7: Give 5

Episode #7 of MIXTUREcast is now ready for viewing and features the guys talking about Give 5, which they've mentioned in several previous episodes.

...but this time, a few secrets are hinted at, and even mention is made of an upcoming CONTEST!

Of course, Tom's handwriting gets a good dose of "reality", some off-the-wall comments are made, and Joey reveals that the light at the end of the tunnel would do him no good.

The title is, of course,  an oblique nod-of-the-head to Paul Desmond's famous tune "Take 5".

Yes, it was deliberate!

Mention is also made of the drum Miguel used on the track  - a Rebolo and a Casa Vallenata. You can see pictures on Tom's blog at

You will also [eventually - we gotta make 'em legible!] be able to purchase the charts and sheet music to all of the the tunes on Mixture over at, among other places.

Watch it here:

As always, for more information: