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Here's a list of all the tunes from MIXTURE, with links to view the videos, buy the CD, pick up the sheet music and charts, and other misc. stuff.
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Song title Chart/
Sheet Music
Performance Video MIXTUREcast episode Recording videos
We'll See Chart @ MacMusicGuy

How-To Video
  MIXTUREcast 10:
We'll See
Let's check those drum parts!

Is this right yet?
Fall Chart @ MacMusicGuy

How-To Video
Montage #1
[starts at 3:21 mark]
MIXTUREcast 2:
Recording Drums

Recording the Guitar solo
Windows Down Chart @ MacMusicGuy

How-To Video
Montage #1
[starts at 6:27 mark]
MIXTUREcast 6:
Windows Down
Is this Mix right yet?  

Wait - is Joey READING music?
Too Pooped to Bop Chart @ MacMusicGuy

How-To Video
Montage #1
[starts at 9:33 mark]
MIXTUREcast 3:
Too Pooped to Bop
Sunday Brunch Chart @ MacMusicGuy

How-To Video
Montage #1
[starts at 12:14 mark]
MIXTUREcast 8:
Sunday Brunch
Give Five Chart @ MacMusicGuy

How-To Video
Montage #2
[at the beginning]
MIXTUREcast 7:
Give Five
Recording the Give Five melody
Raining Sheet Music

How-To Video MIXTUREcast 1:
Holly Tree Hopeful Chart @ MacMusicGuy
Montage #2
[starts at 1:50 mark]
MIXTUREcast 9:
Holly Tree Hopeful
Dot Dot Dot Chart @ MacMusicGuy   MIXTUREcast 4:
Dot Dot Dot
Recording the drums
Crooked Sheet Music

How-To video
Montage #2
[starts at 3:41 mark]
MIXTUREcast 5:
More Fun Stuff to watch! CD Release Party: Intermission Video

CD Release Party: PreShow video
Contains bits of every MIXTUREcast episode 

IMPRESSIONS live performance

MOONDANCE live performance

GEORGIA ON MY MIND live performance  The Trash Can Snare

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