Tuesday, February 28, 2012

MIXTUREcast 4: DotDotDot

Time for yet another episode of MIXTUREcast as our fairly normal musicians embark on another epic mixdown session for MIXTURE, Joey Stuckey's new jazz guitar album on Senate Records.

You just KNOW there are puns and gratuitous references to Miguel "Not From Cuba" Castro - and even some LANGUAGE...and what's with the "Enchanted Biker Cap"?

Well, English is language. Right?

Friday, February 17, 2012

MIXTUREcast #3: Too Pooped to Bop

Once again our intrepid musicians - Joey Stuckey and Tom Rule - embark on a mixing session for the next track on Joey's new album MIXTURE.

This time, they're mixing Too Pooped to Bop, the first tune written for the album over a year ago....and throwing in some Fisher-price toy and an Oscar Peterson reference.

Take a listen - and subscribe to this blog so you'll keep up with progress as we mix MIXTURE.


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Joey Stuckey

Tom Rule

Saturday, February 11, 2012

MIXTUREcast #2: Fall

It's time for MIXTUREcast #2, when Joey Stuckey and Tom Rule mix the next track from Mixture. Fall is an interesting mix of sounds & textures & melodies & even has some killer rock drumming from Dr. Marcus Reddick.

Spread the word - MIXTURE is coming!

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Joey Stuckey 

Tom Rule