Tuesday, March 6, 2012

MIXTUREcast 5: Crooked

 Episode FIVE already?

Yup, it's time for another epic episode [try saying that 3 times fast!] of MIXTUREcast, where our heroes --- uh, our -- uh --- the guys attempt to create something out of a mishmash of tracks.

Today's victim - er, track - is called CROOKED.
  • Watch and gaze in wonder at Tom's VINTAGE Joey Stuckey Band tshirt.
  • Decide if Joey is nuts when he compares Tom's Rhodes playing to Herbie Hancock.
  • Watch in amazement as 2 grown men make their chairs bounce. 
  • Snicker as a case of mistaken identity means the track title references the wrong jazz standard.
  • Your jaw will drop as Tom & Joey discuss using the Take 6 samples from a Roland keyboard…and you will shake your head in amazement as you discover that Angry Birds has really taken over the entire world.

For more information:
Joey Stuckey

Tom Rule

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