Wednesday, March 14, 2012

MIXTUREcast #6: Windows Down

Episode 6 of MIXTUREcast brings our intrepid musicians to the hard parts of the album...they just THOUGHT the earlier tunes were tricky to mix!

Watch and marvel as they give you the behind the scenes story of Windows Down - and experience the wonder of the guys discussing
  • poltergeists, 
  • the Rippingtons, 
  • Hammocks, 
  • cool T-shirts,
  • mention Dr. Marcus Reddick of Mercer University [you're welcome, by the way], 
  • wonder why Dr. Stanley Roberts doesn't know the difference between a circle and oval, 
  • and even engage in THE GREAT PEANUT BUTTER DEBATE.
...and - oh, yeah - the music is pretty cool as well!

Joey Stuckey

Tom Rule

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