Friday, November 16, 2012

More MIXTURE reviews!

Hey, some people are saying some nice things about the album. Sure is nice to hear after all the work we put into this project!
Joey Stuckey is an accomplished blind jazz guitarist ably joined on this album by renowned keyboardist Tom Rule, percussion masters Miguel Castro and Marcus Reddick, and reeds guru Monty Cole.
For a cat that started out in classical guitar, he's turned into a riffing shredder that can choogle along the lines of anyone from Frank Zappa to Al diMeola. With the heart of a commercial jazzbo, Stuckey is immersed in a musical lifestyle that appears to let his work become his play and gives back the enjoyment of the freedom it gives him. Not limiting himself, he revels in showing off his versatility to the point where it feels like this is a cool radio station you tripped over by accident and are glad. Heady stuff guitar geeks will love. 

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