Thursday, February 7, 2013

A funky review for MIXTURE

Jordan Richardson from Something Else Reviews had a few comments about MIXTURE - and even mentioned Pam Rule's contribution!
Mixture, then, is the culmination of all of the above accomplishments. It is, like Stuckey’s impressive bio, diverse, colourful and a little busy at times.
This made me laugh. A LITTLE busy? Have they ever seen Joey work?
Some tracks employ other players, like Tom Rule (keyboards and drum programming) and Miguel Castro (percussion), to better effect. The call-and-response delight of “Too Pooped to Bop” draws a bigger picture, with Stuckey walking the line with some enjoyable fretwork. Rule’s input adds to the jam.
By the way, "Too Pooped to Bop" is a deliberate oxymoron. Now you know!
The fireworks of album-opener “We’ll See,” with Stuckey shooting off blast-like riffs and careening through a dominant solo, is similarly boosted by the grooves of Rule and Castro. Pam Rule’s vocals take things back in time.
So Joey is shooting and careening, Tom and Miguel are groovy, and Pam Rule is a time traveler. I never knew the album was this epic!

Included are some of the YouTube videos we posted during the album's creation process. 

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